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For more than 20 years Presco Telecommunications, Inc. has been dedicated to managing, upgrading, and constructing cellular communication infrastructure within the Pacific Northwest.  Our primary construction services are: Microwave installation and maintenance; New site construction; RF and Power cabinet installations; Antenna and Coax systems installation; Fiber Optic installation and testing; and Atypical cellular site construction and maintenance.   



Initially telecommunications involved extensive complete site builds. This involves turning raw land or unused developed land into a telecommunications site. For new site builds we manage the total construction from foundation laying to tower erection and cable installation. Although complete site builds are becoming less common, we have retained the skills needed to complete such projects. When considering  construction companies to build your new site consider us. The slide show takes you through the complete construction of a cellular site.

During our 20 years of existence Presco Telecommunications has installed telecom cabinets, Erickson LTE cabinets- 4G technology, Microwave Cabinets and Battery Cabinets. Within cabinet installation there is high project diversity. At Presco Telecommunications we have experience installing the main types of cabinets under a variety of challenging conditions.  As a company we always aim to remain up to date on new technologies such as 4G LTE cabinets. A technology we have helped initially install in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of the type of cabinet or project challenges we focus on producing a high quality site.  We offer a sampling of our cabinet installation above. 

In the telecommunication industries, sites can be unique and a challenge in themselves. Over the years Presco Telecommunications has learned to manage these projects with grace and ease.  We have extensive experience with downtown Seattle rooftop sites and their unique requirements. Presco Telecommunications is one of the only companies in the region with experience using helicopters in site construction. We have also worked on telephone pole sites, water towers and tanks.  Our dedicated team always over-comes these issues, producing high quality cellular sites. The slide show offers a brief summary of work within this service area. 


As wireless networks grow and evolve antenna additions and coax installation become economical options for expanding network capacity. Having dealt with this technology since our founding in 1993, we are highly experienced with the nuances of this type of project. Because of the quality of our team, our coax runs are some of the cleanest in the industry. Look through our work to see for yourself. Let us help you upgrade and preserve your wireless networks. 


Microwave telecommunication sites involve no less than two towers with clear line of sight, but can encompass a single hub with several different shots. Due to microwave systems’ multipoint and multidirectional characteristics it is an attractive option in expanding telecommunications. Due to the rapid innovation in microwave technology continued training is required. At Presco Telecommunications we have multiple highly trained microwave specialists. Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable workers in this sector of telecommunications. This expertise is clearly visible in the slideshow of our work.


Due to their affordability, flexible, high quality signal strength and capacity over traditional copper wires, fiber optics is the preferred system of wiring in telecommunications. These cables are used in both mobile phone and computer networking industries. Presco Telecommunications has been working with this technology from its initial use in the telecommunication industry. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, which can be seen in a sample of our work. When looking for a contractor to complete your fiber optic project consider contacting us. 


Presco Telecommunications

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