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General Construction Laborer

As a general construction laborer you will be instrumental in helping complete projects pertaining to the construction, installation, and maintenance of communication towers and related infrastructure.

Being a general construction laborer is a great fit for those who want an exciting and challenging career opportunity. You will travel frequently, work irregular hours, and at great heights in almost all weather conditions. 

Every team memeber is valued at Presco Telecomunications, Inc. where those who desplay determination and responsiblity are rewarded.


Your daily activities will likely include: 

  • Climbing and working on communications towers for the purpose of installing, replacing, and repairing antenna systems equipment; performs tower maintenance under close supervision.

  • The basic use and care of hand tools and mechanical equipment.

  • Testing of equipment prior to installation.

  • The ability to climb tall structures (100 feet or more) with 50 lb. load.

  • Following instructions accurately and complete assigned course of action.

  • Recognizing safety hazards and performing duties in a safe manner.

  • Traveling extensively throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and occasionally Montana.

  • We look for experience in any related field such as construction, concrete, or communications

  • However, we also accept applications from those with little to no experience

  • Applicants need to exhibit an eagerness to develop new skills

  • Must have valid driver’s license and proof of insurance

  • Must be willing to travel within the Northwest as many job require staying out of town for multiple days

  • Work involves climbing towers 100 feet and higher, so applicants need to be able and willing to work at heights

  • Applicants need to be punctual, lateness is not tolerated at Presco Telecommunications

  • Applicants must be able to work as part of a team

  • Applications should be able to follow instructions of team leader

  • As telecommunications workers, you will be required to work out of doors in any safe weather condition. Our work does not stop due to snow, rain, heat, or hail.


Employment Opportunities 

Given the nature of our work, we accept job applications throughout the year.

If intersted in employement with Presco Telecommunications, please send an electronic Resume to Mike Preston with the subject Job Application. 


We are a drug free work place and act in accordance with Washington State policy. 

Presco Telecommunications

Civil Engineering Construction and Management

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