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Started in 1993, Presco Telecommunications, Inc has been providing the Pacific Northwest with quality construction for 20 years. Presco Telecommunications has assisted all major cellular providers in the expansion, maintenance, and enhancement of their network. Our continued commitment to timely completion and quality work, has enabled us to form valuable connections with many regional suppliers and project managers. We invite you to explore our website and considers us when looking for a competent communication construction company to complete your next project.  


The mission of Presco Telecommunications has always been to provide quality cellular construction and management services to the Northwest. As the industry continues to evolve we will invest in the new technologies to help expand and maintian cellular infrastructure. We have been an industry leader, we are still industry leaders, and we will remain industry leaders; due to our committment to timely, cost-effective project completion. 

The Presco Telecommunications team is exceptionally well rounded. Our crew includes individuals with extensive industry experience and those who have excelled in specific technology related courses. Some of their special training includes microwaves specific instruction, OSHA special training, and certified climb instructors. As a company we have developed efficient, economical methods for complete projects that reduce costs and save time. The Presco team is built on individual and company experience, we can simply out produce the competition. 

At Presco Telecommunications we actively work to maintain the health and safety of all employees. We strive to be an accident free work place. In accordance with OSHA policies, our employees undergo weekly safety training.  Our vehicle fleet receives regular maintenance and care. The integrity of our equipment is frequently checked and always preserved.  On top of these general commitments, we focus on our employees health. At Presco Telecommunications, we do not jeopardize employee health and safety to achieve deadlines.  


Presco Telecommunications

Civil Engineering Construction and Management

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